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Find out all the latest happenings with Ploxel and beyond.

Ploxel BETA Changes

Upcoming changes with our site including a total revamp of the system.

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24th April 2017, 18:48

Ploxel BETA v2.1 Released

We would like to announce our brand new version of Ploxel which has been released to help new customers create new events. With this version, we have removed some parts of the initial checklist so you can sell your first ticket much quicker after signing up. This version also brings some bug fixes and changes to dashboard to make your experience on Ploxel much easier.

Below you will find out the details of the changes.

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2nd October 2016, 13:11

Ploxel BETA v2.0.0 Released

Hello there and welcome to our new version of Ploxel which brings big changes in the design of our control panel and some small changes to our frontend to help you get around our site much easier. There are also some changes to our payment fees and the way in which they work so we can enable further payment methods in the future. Unfortunately this means that you now have to pay your Stripe fees from the money which you earn from your ticket sales instead of your customers paying for it. We understand this maybe unpopular with some customers however due to legal and to enable different payment gateways in the future we had no choice to make this change. We are however looking at ways to see if we can enable the customer to pay the fees.

As a result of this, all customers fees have been reduced to a lower fee which removes the transaction element of the fees. Any new customers signing up after this date will pay 2.5% + 50p/c depending on your currency. Any previous customers will have a special rate which can be found under My Account in your control panel and will reflect the special BETA rate which you initially signed up with.

Below is a full summary of all the new features and changes which we have brought to this version of Ploxel:

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15th September 2016, 13:27

Ploxel BETA v1.2 Released + Open BETA

Ploxel has been updated to BETA v1.2, see what changes have come with this version.

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11th July 2016, 11:43

Ploxel BETA v1.1 Released

Version BETA v1.1 has been released to all BETA testers. Find out what is new in this version.

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8th July 2016, 10:29

An Introduction To Ploxel From The Founders

Just a small introduction from us explaining where the idea of Ploxel came from and what we aim to provide for you in comparison to our competition.

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3rd June 2016, 18:15

Ploxel BETA 1.0 released

After months of strong development we are proud to announce Ploxel BETA Version 1.0. If you wish to partake visit and enter your email.

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31st May 2016, 20:30

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