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Sell Tickets Online With Full Control

We provide you all the tools to sell tickets direct to your customers from start to finish.
We would like to announce that Ploxel V2 is currently under development. We are currently aware of the issues which you are currently encountering on our current platform. Version 2 will bring many changes to the system to help create the perfect platform for selling tickets online, at our impressive low fees, with most of the current features ported across; including our WordPress plugin which is one of our most popular features. Version 2 will also fix most of the bugs which you have reported to us and bring changes in the way our system works to aid future developments but at the same time make it much easier for you to use with a much easier flow to the backend with an improved design.

We expect to have more information to release to you soon and are hoping for a first release at the beginning of March 2018. To keep updated on any future news then follow us at our blog at If you have any questions for us, then do not hesitate to contact us. Finally, we would like to apoligise for the issues which you have been encountering with our current system.

(PS: The colours and font used on here are a taster of our new design)

- The Ploxel Team.

Ploxel Is Your White Label Ticketing Solution

Sell your tickets direct to your customers. We have no interaction with your customers.


No Ploxel Branding

Ploxel is a white label solution, therefore when your customers buy tickets they never know we exist. We do not place our branding anywhere through the ticket selling process.

Your Customers Aren't Ours

Since there is no branding your customers are buying their tickets directly from you, there is no middleman in the process. We only provide the tools to sell your tickets, we don't get involved.

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The Theme Editor

Create a unique selling page by using our theme editor and designing your ticket pages to reflect your brand or website without any knowledge of CSS/HTML coding required.

Seamless Selling

If using our integration scripts, create a theme which is designed like your website or blog and your customers will never realise they are leaving your platform - increasing sales.

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"When selling tickets through Ploxel, we do not expect your customers to ever know we exist. Our aim is to provide you, as a customer, a platform for you to sell tickets directly to your customers without the middleman of a ticket agent splashing their brand all over the process. We are not a middleman, we just provide you the tools to sell tickets online to your customers and with our integration scripts your customer never has to leave your website or blog."
Joss Hughes - Ploxel Founder

Sell Your Tickets Everywhere With Ploxel

Ploxel understands that the future of ticketing includes mobile ticketing.

Sell Tickets On Your Website

Sell your tickets quickly on your website with just a few lines of code without any knowledge of HTML/CSS required. You can even select a theme which fits best with your website so you can integrate it to blend in with the rest of your content on your website. Our integration pages are all responsive and work on any width website.

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No Website? Then That's Fine

Don't have a website? Then that's no problem you can still sell your tickets on our site with our hosted pages which are made yours thanks to the theme editor. You can also use some applications such as Disqus to add extra features to your carts to improve the customer experience or even sell your tickets on other platforms such as Facebook.

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Mobile, Tablet or Desktop?

Ploxel understand the emerging market in selling tickets via mobile and tablet devices. Therefore all of our carts use responsive design and therefore work on any size device as long as they support web browsing. There are no limitations in using a smaller device, all our features will always work including all of our addons.

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Sell Tickets On WordPress

We have created a WordPress plugin so you can easily integrate your ticket carts onto your WordPress site. After installing our plugin it's as easy as copying one line of code after using our generator so you can add the event or events you want. You can even use our theme editor so it integrates cleanly into your WordPress site.

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The Ploxel App Centre

Ploxel connects to all your favourite applications such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, Disqus and many more free apps to provide you extra features to help you maximise your ticket sales. We are always constantly adding more apps and with our oAuth2 API, you can create your own apps to share.

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By Using Ploxel You Will Make More Money

We help you to make more money by charging you a small fee that your customer pays with no monthly fees.


Quick simple and secure carts

We only ask for the important questions with the ability for you to add more questions. By keeping the carts short it reduces the time for your customers to purchase tickets resulting in more sales. We also ensure that all your data is processed safely.


Simple pricing with no monthly fees.

Ploxel keeps the pricing simple with no monthly fees which are paid by your customers. Our rates are 2.5% + 50p with lower rates for those with monthly sales above £1,000. Best of all you don't pay anything as all fees are paid by your customers as a booking fee.


Connect With Zapier

Connecting to Zapier gives you the ability to pass your order information automatically to hundreds of applications such as SalesForce, Survey Monkey, Google Spreadsheets, Slack and much more once an order is placed. To help you complete tedious repetitive tasks.

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We Also Offer All These Features For You

A summary of the main features that Ploxel provides for free for all customers.

Analytic Reporting

We report what you need to know about your event from the number of visitors to your site to the browser which you customer is using. We believe that Ploxel has some of the best reporting tools in the industry and you can even connect your account to your Google Analytics account to find usage information on your carts.

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Multiple Date Events

Have a recurring event which occurs every week? Then with Ploxel you can sell tickets for each date by simply adding more dates to a single event instead of having separate events for each date. Your users can also easily swap between dates of each event increasing sales.

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Automatic E-Tickets

You customers are automatically provided with an e-ticket which has all the relevant information about the event and the ticket details of each of the customers coming. These tickets are custom designed to your event and does not have any branding from us, it's your event not our event.

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Plus All These...

Get paid directly

Ploxel uses the Stripe platform so we can pay you directly to your account and to help reduce fees.

Automatic tax

Automatically charge tax to your customers based on the tax rule you setup. Helpful if you need to charge VAT etc.

Discounted tickets

Offer discounts to your customer via discount codes or secret ticket pages which have unique tickets.

Custom fields

Add custom fields to your cart to find out more details about the customer attending your event either per ticket or order.
Promote your events

We provide you with the tools to help promote your event to the masses via social media and email.
Protected carts

Only allow customers you want to view you cart by protecting it by passwords or using a long url.

Fast check in

Check in your guests quickly by using our online check in or by a printed guestlist customised to your needs.

Download your data

All the customer details we collect is yours so we provide an easy way to download them in PDF or CSV format.
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